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Anyone under age 18 can be charged as a juvenile in the state of Virginia, although certain juvenile offenders may be tried as an adult in the case of serious charges. Many juvenile crimes are property crimes (theft, vandalism, arson), drug charges (possession, sale, use by a minor), and alcohol-related offenses (such as disorderly conduct, underage drinking) although some young people are involved in violent crimes.

The juvenile justice system is distinct in that it has its own laws and procedures that govern how young people are treated, which differ from adult cases; even the terminology is different from the adult judicial system. For example, when someone is charged with a juvenile crime, he or she goes is considered a delinquent rather than a criminal.

In Virginia, there are Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Courts under the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice. In addition, there law enforcement officers, detention facilities, social service and mental health programs for juvenile offenders, and juvenile correctional facilities that work with this cohort.

Entering the juvenile justice system is scary and the process is convoluted and stressful for young people and their families. The individual charged with an offense appears before the judge in juvenile court and may be held in a juvenile detention center. Young people need an experienced attorney who is well-versed in juvenile crimes and juvenile defense to advocate for them. Make The Alvarez Law Firm PLCC your first call for juvenile defense.

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