Child Support Lawyer

Our Family Law Attorney Will Help Work Out Virginia Child Support

In the state of Virginia, both parents are legally obligated to support their children. Therefore, child support payments are based on their combined incomes for the most benefit to the child. Virginia law mandates that each parent must cover a certain percentage of the whole child support amount. This amount must include health and dental care in addition to food, clothing, and other needs.

At The Alvarez Law Firm PLCC, family law attorney Johnda Scott will help you determine the proper ratio and equation for child support. It is assumed that the custodial parent (the parent with physical custody) bears many costs involved in caring for the child or children; therefore, the noncustodial parent makes the support payments for the appropriate amount.

In Virginia, a child support order may come from the family court judge or the Department of Social Services. If you currently receive Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, you do not have to file an application for child support; Virginia’s Division of Child Support Enforcement will usually do this for you. As part of our child support legal assistance, we can check with the appropriate department in your area to make sure this application is filed.

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