Divorce Lawyer

Virginia Divorce Attorney

No one enters a marriage thinking of divorce but unfortunately, many marriages end that way. You may have a no-fault divorce that represents a breakdown in the relations for “irreconcilable differences” or a fault divorce for reasons of abandonment, adultery, abuse, or cruelty.

Whether your split is amicable or hostile, with or without a prenuptial agreement, you can count on The Alvarez Law Firm PLCC to represent your interests in a divorce.

Sometimes family dynamics and complicated situations—personally or financially—can cause a divorce to drag on. Our goal is to relieve you of as much stress as possible and guide you toward a satisfactory outcome.

Separation agreements

The first step in a divorce is the separation agreement. This is a legal contract outlining division of assets (bank accounts, property, retirement accounts), debts, insurance policies, spousal support, and if you have children, parenting time and child support. Depending on the situation, clients may be able to skip a courtroom proceeding and move ahead from here. If that’s not possible, our divorce attorney will appear with you in court.

Negotiating a divorce settlement

Once the couple is legally separated, all the work around the divorce happens. There are many issues to negotiate, even after some have been outlined in the separation agreement. Our divorce attorney, Johnda Scott, will help you work through the various issues as efficiently as possible and represent you to the opposing attorney to ensure you have a voice in the matter. All documents will be prepared and filed according to Virginia state law.

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